Our Story

How It All Began....

You know when you are a little girl, the one thing we all dream of, is our wedding day. We dream about that day for many years, way before we even meet the person of our dreams. I felt that way about owning and operating a tack shop, for a long, long time. I ran a small horse business in Minnesota before I met the man of my dreams, who picked me up and moved me to the most beautiful place on earth: Salmon, Idaho.

In Minnesota I owned and ran a 40 acre boarding, training and riding instruction facility where I taught many levels of riding, but specialized in beginning riders of any age. Kevin is a retired cutting horse trainer, whose specialty was colt starting and has now moved into farrier work, amongst many other talents. Our combined knowledge of horses, and the industry, made it easy to bring our businesses together and offer our talents and services to both the experienced, and unexperienced, horse person alike.

When I moved to Salmon in the fall of 2012 I continued with my riding instruction using the centered riding technique. Kevin, meanwhile, was still starting colts, training and working with the problematic horse. Together we created Coiner Equine Center. In 2014 we became part of the local 4H program and headed up the Rowdy Wranglers where we get the privilege of leading and teaching youth to care and ride. As we worked with instructing our clients and 4H youth on riding we kept running into the same problem over and over. Proper tack! Not just proper tack for the occasion, but the proper fitting tack for both the horse and rider. With my years of instruction for the rider and Kevin’s years of training the horse we both understood the problems that could arise without the right type of tack and the proper fit.

Now, all those that live in Salmon truly understand the challenges that we sometimes face from choosing to live in the middle of nowhere. One of them is finding the horse supplies that we truly need, without having to drive 3 to 5 hours to get them. Let me tell you, there is nothing more frustrating when you consider yourself a professional in the industry, and you are coaching your clients about some of the changes that need to happen, one of them being a tack change, and you have nowhere to send them to find them what they need.

For several years I have been listening, and asking questions to clients and other horse friends, and have been planning to make this endeavor come true. Well, here I am, starting with phase one of my “BIG” plan, and opening a tack consignment store and more. Our quaint store front provides a local place to find quality used tack with knowledgeable staff and friendly hours of service. As an added convenience we will also be opening an online store for those out of our area or want to shop online. Our goal is to bring a bigger tack selection to Salmon and keep costs down. Coiner Equine Center is happy and excited to provide this new service to our clients and our community. We will continue our personal service of making sure you have what is needed and back it with our years of industry knowledge.

Welcome to Off The Beaten Path Saddlery. We are looking forward to doing business with you!